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The land

In Haute Provence, the soil is rocky. It is the Provence of the local French author Jean Giono. It is also a welcoming land. With its plateaux covered in lavender, its gorges , its many villages built on hill sides to protect better against the Mistral wind and bask in the sunshine, all these landscapes are to be discovered during memorable walks.


Despite its arid aspect, water is very present in Haute- Provence. The magnificent gorges du Verdon, the lake of St Croix as well as many other sites will enable you to do rafting, canoeing and other water sports, or simply take in the stunningly beautiful surroundings.

The sky

The sky of Haute- Provence is one of the purest in Europe. It cannot but be noticed. You might want to take a closer look at the Observatory of St Michel or get even get closer to the sky, hang gliding or taking a hot air ballon ride.


From the archeological site of Quinson to the shepherds' huts and many castles and abbeys, you will be able to discover the traces left by men since Prehistoric times.


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